More real-life images show fake AirPods 3 despite no official release from Apple

More images of what looks to be Chinese copies of the yet-to-be-released third-generation AirPods have been shared on social media by the user ‘Tommy Boi‘.

They claim to show knock-off AirPods 3, titled ‘Pro 6S’, with a compact, in-ear design. It appears to use force touch gestures due to the smaller stem, and has the pressure vent on top, similar to what’s on the AirPods Pro.

The images match videos shared on TikTok earlier this month and look very similar to the official model (in leaked photos), which haven’t been officially announced by Apple. Counterfeit models of AirPods are often released into the market and use a near-identical design to real models.

Apple will reportedly redesign the standard AirPods and move to a new design with shorter stem this year, which will allow for better sound quality. It is not expected to include Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency Mode, features included on the higher-end AirPods Pro. AirPods 3 are unlikely to include ear-tips either, based on the mockups and images shared in recent months.

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