Here’s your first look at the unreleased OnePlus 9

We had earlier reported in mid-December last year about the OnePlus 9 prototype, which had leaked in new images, but now, the actual phone has leaked. Not one, but 2 models; from every angle and every color.

The event for the launch of this phone had been announced just a few days ago by OnePlus; happening on March 23. German tech blog WinFuture has obtained press renders well before launch, and here they are.

OnePlus 9 in all colors.
OnePlus 9 in a new color, back view. Image: WinFuture
The front view of the OnePlus 9. Image: WinFuture

It turns out that there’s not much to be surprised about at the event, except the prices. WinFuture hasn’t got many specs in its report, so they’ll mostly be suspense too.

One thing for sure is that all models of the OnePlus 9 will have cameras from Hasselblad, the same company whose camera was the first camera on the moon (and was used by Neil Armstrong to capture the iconic photos of Man on the moon as well as the first step on the moon’s surface). In our report from mid-December about the OnePlus 9 prototype, we said that the branding of the camera was “Ultrashot” which wasn’t confirmed, and according to these images, the branding on the rear camera bump are from Hasselblad.

Both phones will include a Sony IMX789 sensor in the main camera. This was earlier confirmed by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau himself on Twitter.

The OnePlus 9 launch event can be streamed on YouTube via OnePlus’ official YouTube channel, embedded below.

OnePlus 9 Series launch event on YouTube, set to go live on March 23.

Acclaimed YouTuber Unbox Therapy uploaded a video four days ago in which he unboxed a box which he received from OnePlus with… “Space ice cream” inside. Now, I know you wouldn’t get it right away, but it was just a way to keep the hype up and the “Space ice cream” is actually ice cream; freeze dried which can go without melting and perishing for a really long time, it obviously is for astronauts. The video is embedded below. The space theme is relating to the Hasselblad partnership, as we mentioned above, a Hasselblad camera took the pictures of the first steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon.

The OnePlus 9 Pro will have a 6.7 inch 2.5D (slightly curved) display, while the standard OnePlus 9 will have a flat 6.5 inch display. According to a few other reports, there are going to be three OnePlus 9 model, the third one being a budget model with the branding as “OnePlus 9R” or “E.”

WinFuture mentions that the standard OnePlus 9 might have a plastic chassis instead of a metal one, they are just assumingly saying that according to the renders which do not appear to show any antenna bands.

OnePlus 9
No antenna bands are visible in these renders. Image: WinFuture

Anyway, this was your first look at the OnePlus 9, lets leave the rest to the launch event on March 23 (some excitement is necessary!).

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