OnePlus 9 Prototype Completely Leaks in New Images

Quite early, though.

Most probably scheduled for spring 2021, PhoneArena has successfully acquired an in-depth look at the alleged prototype of the OnePlus 9.

The alleged prototype of the OnePlus 9. Image: PhoneArena

The first and biggest change we notice here are the cameras. In this leak, the cameras are the most confusing, since it is a prototype unit, the sensors aren’t exactly the ones which’ll ship commercially. The features of the third camera are still under question (macro-lens, ToF sensor?). Have a closer look below.

A closer look at the camera arrangement. Image: PhoneArena

They’ve also added a new branding term on the camera cut-out called “Ultra Shot,” which we haven’t heard from the company before, but it also may not see the light of day and could be replaced with something else. Honestly, this camera setup does look very much like the one on the Oppo Reno4 and Reno4 Pro.

We’ve also got some screenshots showing the camera settings, revealing a few specs which aren’t final. As per PhoneArena:

The only major details PhoneArena wasn’t able to uncover were the camera specifications, which seem to have been automatically modified by pre-installed software. Nevertheless, PhoneArena suspects that the 12-megapixel and 4-megapixel resolutions listed for the rear and front cameras, respectively, will translate into 48-megapixel and 16-megapixel sensors on the final units.

Camera settings screenshot. Image: PhoneArena

Now, onto the screen, it has a 120Hz display panel with HDR support. The resolution stands at 2400x1080p with 401.64 ppi. Also there’s that infamous hole-punch front camera on the top-left corner, so no under-display camera yet. But looking at the settings’ screenshot below, “Fingerprint Authentication” is supported, most probably meaning that there is going to be an under-display fingerprint scanner.

Display specs on the prototype. Image: PhoneArena

Now, moving on to performance and other phone specs. This phone will have the Snapdragon 888 chipset, codenamed “Lahaina” by Qualcomm, we do see this mentioned in the screenshots below.

Some more specs. Image: PhoneArena

The phone will ship with non-expandable storage just like the OnePlus 8. This unit has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Also, it’s got Android 11 and OxygenOS. Take a peek at another screenshot.

Memory specs. Image: PhoneArena

The battery is amazing, at 4,500mAh it sits 200mAh above than the OnePlus 8, which sat at 4,300mAh. There’s a screenshot below from the battery settings.

Battery settings, showcasing specs. Image: PhoneArena

Finally, to the exterior, the buttons we find are just about the same as previous models. A volume rocker sits on the left side of the frame, the right side has the power button and the Alert Slider. The casing on the edges seems to be aluminum. There are exterior pictures as well.

The bottom of the device, hosting the USB C port, speakers, a microphone and a sim card slot. Image: PhoneArena
A top-side view. Image: PhoneArena

Apple TLD’s take

So, at the end of all this, this is a prototype and is subject to change, especially if it has leaked this early. We do have some concrete conclusions here but, leaks are leaks and prototypes are never final. We can keep our hopes high for the battery, display and a few other things but seeing changes in the final product wouldn’t surprise us.

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