YouTube rolling out redesigned about page, description statistics in app

YouTube is rolling out some significant design changes to the mobile app on iOS and Android, including a redesigned channel about page and tweaks the description platter.

The latter, first made available last week, according to reports on social media, includes a new section on video descriptions that displays key information, such as the view count, like count and date the video was published, at a glance. Previously, users would need to look at the information underneath a video, and tap on the description to reveal the publish date.

It has also redesigned the about tab when viewing a channel, which displays the same information as before but in a cleaner layout, with dedicated sections for the channel description, links, and other statistics, such as the location the user is based in, and total view count. The YouTube app will also display icons next to links the user has set, making it easier to see the platform they redirect to.

Finally, if a custom URL for a YouTube channel has been set, it can be found in the new about page, where you can copy the link or share it in another app. The old functionality of tapping the three dots at the top right, and choosing ‘Share’, still exists, however.

YouTube appears to be rolling out the changes with the most recent update, released a few days ago.

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