You can now get up to 4TB of iCloud storage

To those of you that have a lot of photos and videos, and we’re talking tens to hundreds of thousands, great news! You can now get up to 4TB of iCloud storage.

Every Apple One plan offers iCloud storage, varying from 50GB-2TB. But you can also buy extra iCloud storage in addition to that, which means if you combine the 2TB of iCloud storage included in Apple One Premier and buy an extra 2TB of iCloud storage, you’ll have a massive 4TB of total storage.

iCloud storage plans with an Apple One Premier subscription

Since you can buy extra storage while also having an Apple One plan, it means if you wanted Apple One Individual or Family but needed more iCloud storage (they offer 50GB and 200GB, respectively), you can get more without needing to upgrade to the Premier plan of Apple One.

Apple One is Apple’s subscription bundle. It launched yesterday and includes Apple Music, Arcade, TV+, iCloud, and for the Premier plan, News+ and Fitness+. The Individual plan comes in at $14.95/month, with the Family plan coming in at an extra $5 and the Premier plan coming at $29.95/month.

A 2TB iCloud plan costs $9.99/month, so for a full 4TB, you’d need to pay $39.94/month.

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