Windows 10X installed on 12-inch MacBook

Microsoft recently released an emulator for its upcoming Windows 10X operating system, due later this year on devices, for developers to test their applications for dual-screen devices. Windows 10X is a slimmed-down version of the main operating system that is built for devices with two screens, such as the Surface Neo.

Developers have now managed to extract the emulator and install the ‘system image’ on Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. In the video, shared by imbushuo, Windows 10X can be seen fully working on the laptop, with two applications running side-by-side, as they would be on a dual-screen device.

Although this isn’t practical in any way, and Windows 10 Pro would be much more practical for a standard laptop like the MacBook, it’s quite interesting to see how 10X works, with its support foldable devices and multiple application capabilities.

Let us know what you think of Windows 10X and if you are purchasing any foldable or dual-screen devices over the course of this year!

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