What’s New in iOS 14 Beta 5 – Over 40 Changes!

Earlier today, Apple released the fifth beta of iOS and iPadOS 14 to developers. It’s quite a minor update, with very few noticeable changes but performance and battery life improvements are expected.

We’ve recapped some of the changes in iOS 14 Beta 5 and will continue to update this page when more are discovered.

  • Changes to folder dimensions (may be a bug)
  • New time picker, a mix between old slider and new input button
  • Hide the ‘Hidden’ album from Photos app in Settings
  • Add Home app to Control Center
  • Widget popup asking for location access
  • Improved performance and snappiness
  • Haptic Touch animations faster
  • Page dots raised on home page (similar to early betas)
  • Smaller home widget icons within Control Center
  • Weather widget improved yet again, quicker refresh time
  • New Shortcuts splash screen
  • More glyphs and symbols in Shortcuts
  • Bedtime Mode UI improved on lockscreen
  • Background app responds to music art in Music app
  • Bolder icons in Music app
  • Remove from Featured Photos option in Photos app
  • iOS 14 wallpapers in Light/Dark preview in Display & Brightness
  • Siri results view improved with Display Zoom
  • UI and icon changes on Battery graph in Settings
  • Option to enable Exposure Notifications in Settings
  • Prompt to choose region for Exposure Notifications
  • New description for Magnifier in Settings
  • Text changes in Magnifier
  • Visual arrow indicator change when UI is minimised
  • Emoji Search algorithm improved, more accurate results
  • Photo preview UI in Messages made smaller
  • ‘Recently Used’ unknown bug for Siri fixed
  • Privacy Report in Safari shows number of trackers blocked in menu
  • Navigation bar icons updated in Home app
  • New Apple TV icon in Automation section of Home app


  • Size of text in Tips widget slightly larger
  • Calendar widget updated with lighter background and larger ‘no more events’ text
  • Notes background made darker in Dark Mode
  • Very large size for the News widget, only available in Today/Widget view
  • Widget popup asking for location access
  • Organisation of News widgets changed
  • Organisation of Clock widgets changed

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