[UPDATED] Instagram removes Activity feature that allowed you to see other’s likes and follows

A controversial feature that Instagram has had for a while is the Following activity tab. This gives you updates as to what people you follow are up to – including the posts they’ve liked and the people they’ve followed. BuzzFeed is reporting that Instagram has begun removing this after it’s been around since 2011.

The privacy-invading feature, with no ‘off’ toggle, hasn’t been replaced and instead, only the personal activity tab is available, that tells you who’s tagged, followed, commented and liked on your posts and your profile.

“Instagram should really remove the Following tab. It really hurts when someone close is ignoring you but they are busy liking and following other people,” said one user.

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It comes after many users complained about how invasive the Following tab was, with many not realising it was a thing and being caught out in many awkward situations.

Instagram said that the rollout has started and many users will notice the changes soon.

UPDATE: Today, the company is releasing a feature that will help identify official emails from Instagram, to prevent the number of phishing emails that users may receive. A new tab will be available in the app’s settings titled ‘Emails from Instagram’ and list each email that’s been sent to your inbox from Instagram. See more here.

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