tvOS beta hints at new Apple TV

The new tvOS beta might’ve given us the first credible proof that a new Apple TV is in the works. With the release of the new tvOS 13.4 beta, a reference has been found in the source code for a new Apple TV model, with the codename “T1125”. The current Apple TV 4K is named “J105a” while the HD model is named “J42d”, suggesting this to be a new model.

The internal files of tvOS 13.4 suggests that the hardware is based on the arm64e architecture, on which the A12 and the A13 are based as well, indicating a processor jump from the A10X currently used, to the more powerful A12 and A13 chips. This would be to increase the performance while playing games on Apple Arcade, as reports suggest that the maximum picture quality is going to be 4K HDR, the same as the current one. As for release date, it is highly possible that we could see the new Apple TV at the heavily rumoured March Apple event.

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