The new Office app for iOS and Android is a hub for everything Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed a new Office app for iOS and Android that has been designed to combine Word, Excel and PowerPoint into one hub. You’ll also be able to scan and share documents, right in one place.

The other Office applications are still available, but basic functionality is built into the Office app. You can access your recent documents stored in OneDrive or online, and view and edit them quickly. Within the Word and Excel app, Microsoft has added document scanning, image conversion and other great features that are easily overlooked.

Image: The Verge’s Tom Warren

This app has an entire page devoted to actions you can carry out. At this moment, you can convert text from images, sign, scan and edit PDFs, transfer files and perform some other actions. The features in the app only work if you have a valid Office 365 subscription, either with a workplace or school, or on a personal Microsoft account.

A new Office logo, based on the company’s Fluent Design language is also available and featured as part of the application. It’s got a 3D, gradient look that’s more exciting than the previous flat logo. It will roll out to other iOS and Android applications and also Office Online soon.

The Office app is currently in beta, and you can sign up here on Android, and begin testing the app on iOS by downloading TestFlight and going to this link.

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