Speed test shows notable multitasking improvements with iPhone 12 Pro

A new speed test by EverythingApplePro demonstrates speed improvements with the iPhone 12 Pro over last year’s iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone XS.

Overall, while speed comparisons like this aren’t realistic, the iPhone 12 Pro comes out on top when opening applications, at 2 minutes and 21 seconds. This is likely due to the A14 Bionic, which Apple claims has a 50% faster CPU and GPU due to the 11.8 billion transistors in the 5nm chip.

The A14 Bionic looks to be more energy efficient too due to its smaller architecture. In the tests, the iPhone 11 Pro struggled to keep cool and as a result this effected performance by the end.

However, the notable improvement is multitasking, where Apple’s choice of 6GB RAM in its latest Pro models results in all applications remaining open when you next open them. Older iPhones with less RAM failed to keep most apps running in the background – a complaint users have had for years.

Geekbench 5 benchmarks reveal that the iPhone 12 Pro is significantly faster than the iPhone XS, with nearly double the multi-core score, and 25% higher than the iPhone 11 Pro.

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