Snapchat rolling out redesigned notifcations with Bitmoji preview

Snapchat is rolling out an update to its iOS app that displays a user’s Bitmoji avatar in a notification. The feature looks to be coming to more users each week, although the company hasn’t officially acknowledged the change.

Previously, Snapchat would state the name of a friend or follower in notification, whenever you would recieve a new message, if somebody was typing, or if they were trying to call you. The redesigned notifications now show their Bitmoji avatar to the right-hand side of the notification, making it instantly obvious who is contacting you.

Snapchat purchased Bitmoji in 2016 and has integreated it in the app as a way to express yourself creatively as a cartoon avatar. These avatars also appear in the Chats page of Snapchat app. If a user hasn’t set a Bitmoji, a coloured silhouette will sit in the place of it.

Apple TLD couldn’t confirm if the changes are available for everybody, but Snapchat usually rolls out new features in phases. Feedback on Twitter is quite negative, with one user claiming the new notifications are “heinous”.

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