Snapchat announces 3D Selfie feature for iPhone X and newer

In a blog post today, Snapchat announced that a new camera mode will be coming to the Snapchat application that will allow for three-dimensional (3D) selfies and filters.

The company said that new effects, filters and lenses will be coming along soon that will use the 3D technology as well.

It works by using the TrueDepth, notch technology available on the iPhone X / XS series, 11 and 11 Pro/Max. Read Snapchat’s explanation on how it works:

3D Camera Mode captures a rich, interactive spatial memory of the world by combining image and depth data through the iPhone X front-facing lens to reconstruct a 3D model that looks and feels like a miniature diorama of what the camera has seen. In Preview, you can rotate and wiggle your handset to change the perspective of the Snap, and so can the people you send it to (any device can view and change the perspective).

You will need an iPhone X or newer to make use of this feature, rolling out this week, although older iPhones and Android devices can view the 3D images. It’s not yet known if the feature will make its way over to newer Android devices.

How to use the 3D Selfie mode

  1. Update Snapchat via the App Store. If you’re a beta tester, you’ll likely get the feature before it becomes available to the public, so check TestFlight for updates.
  2. Open Snapchat and select the right-hand dropdown menu.
  3. Select ‘3D’ and then simply take your selfie!
  4. Swipe up to add additional lenses and filters, and then share the image.
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