Think you might have Coronavirus? Siri can help.

As first reported by CNBC, Apple has recently updated its Siri virtual assistant to help users understand if you might have Coronavirus with just a few simple questions. Depending on your answers, you’ll be told to “stay vigilant,” that you have common symptoms, or recommend you to call 911. Just say “Hey Siri, do I have coronavirus?”

According to Apple, the answers are sourced from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Public Health Service. The questionnaire flow is currently available in the United States and it’s unclear if it will expand elsewhere.

Depending on the symptoms you provide, Siri also provides users with a link in the App Store, where they can download telehealth apps and potentially receive virtual consultation. 

Additionally, yesterday, Tim Cook Tweeted stating that Apple is “donating millions of masks for healthcare professionals in the US and Europe,” and went on to thank the heroes on the front lines.

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