Show or hide app pages on the iOS 14 home screen

With iOS 14, Apple made some huge improvements to the home screen. Widgets can now be placed alongside app icons, giving you quick information at a glance, whilst App Library automatically sorts your apps into suggested categories, such as social media or entertainment.

But with so many apps on your iPhone, it can get a bit messy and daunting, especially when finding an app you don’t use much. Although it’s not possible to filter applications by group, Apple has added the option to show and hide app pages, meaning you can rely on the App Library to quickly search for an app or game.

  1. Long press on a blank area of your iPhone home screen
  2. Tap the page dots that become prominent above the dock
  3. Tap to uncheck pages you wish to hide and check pages you want to show
  4. Tap Done at the top right to exit out of the Edit Pages view
  5. Tap Done to exit jiggle mode

Swiping to the far left will reveal the App Library where you can filter applications by category or perform a simple search at the top. Tapping the search bar opens a list view with apps listed in alphabetical order.

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