Second-generation Ring Alarm now available to purchase

Ring recently announced the second-generation Ring Alarm, with major design upgrades and changes all-round. Yesterday, the firm confirmed that the new system is available to purchase from, Amazon and other dealers, with a starting price of $199.

The new Ring Alarm has redesigned sensors which are ‘easier to mount’ and a redesigned keypad. There are now one touch buttons on the keypad for the emergency services, letting you quickly request help when you may urgently need it.

With a brand new sleek design, the updated Ring Alarm Keypad features one-touch buttons that let you request police, fire, or medical assistance

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New Motion Detectors and Contact Sensors are built right in too. As with other Ring products, the Ring Alarm works with Video Doorbells, Cameras and other products by Ring, and a subscription is available for those who want to better manage their home’s security.

The new Ring Alarm is currently not available in the UK and other countries, but you can buy it from Ring’s website if you live in the United States.

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