Ring rolling out Smart Responses to Video Doorbells

Earlier today, Ring announced new Smart Responses features for most of its video doorbells. These include pre-recorded audio messages, Alexa responses and motion warnings.

If you own a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and subscribe to Ring Protect, Alexa can be used to greet visitors when they ring your doorbell. You can change how long Alexa should wait to answer and view a message in the Ring app.

Quick Responses gives you six preset responses to play if you cannot answer the door. These responses can then record a message from visitors at your door. It works with all doorbells apart from the Video Doorbell Wired, and you’ll need a Ring Protect plan to view recorded messages.

Finally, Motion Warnings add what Ring calls “an extra layer of security to your doorstep” by playing audible alerts that disclose that people near the doorbell are being recorded. The option works with Ring’s wired doorbells and cameras.

All new features will begin rolling out soon. Read more on Ring’s blog, here.



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