Review & Giveaway for Slope – The most minimalistic iPad stand

Initially considering the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro to simply because of the minimalistic design, the $349 price was a bit high for what I was going to use the keyboard almost exclusively for— something to hold up my new iPad Pro. The keyboard itself wouldn’t be used often, if ever.

The problem? Most tablet stands either don’t prop up the device, or have grips on the side or the bottom to hold up the device. Others have logos or a design that wasn’t perfect, leading to a less minimalistic design.

That’s where the Slope by Wiplabs comes in. It’s a patented tablet and smartphone stand that uses suction to stay attached to the table, and your device. Because of this, there’s no grips anywhere, and only one logo on the back.

The price? Less than $50, depending on the size you choose. This isn’t the only minimal iPad stand out there— but most use magnets and are either more expensive or, while this is subjective, have a worse-looking design.

While the normal size Slope is only advertised to hold tablets around 9.4 inches, it can easily hold our 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro without a case on. The Slope Mini, which is $10 less, holds devices around 8 inches or less, however, the listing states neither version are not compatible with the iPhone 11 and not to initially stick a glass device on it initially.

The Slope, with all its benefits, does have its issues too. The biggest issue is dust or other small particles sticking to the suction surface— the manufacturer says the pads can be cleaned with water or replaced for $9.99.

You can enter our giveaway for a Large Slope here, as long as you’re a U.S. resident: The winner will be contacted by email once the giveaway ends.

Plus, exclusively for Apple TLD readers: Wiplabs is offering 15% off on the purchase of a Mini or Large Slope when you order from Just use code appletld. Oh— and did we mention we’re also giving away one to a lucky reader?

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