Pixelmator Photo for iPad becomes free for 24 hours

One of the strongest competitors to Adobe Lightroom on iPad is Pixelmator Photo, and the company have gone and made it free to purchase for a limited time only. In addition to this, Pixelmator Pro has money off!

As part of Black Friday promotions, Pixelmator Photo (available on iPadOS only) is free for anyone to download and use with no purchase necessary. Its usual price is $4.99, and you’ll be met with that again when the deal expires in 24 hours – slightly less now.

Pixelmator Photo (iPad): Free

The Pro Mac version is also discounted – at 25%, you’ll be able to purchase the app for $30 instead of $40. Pixelmator is a strong Adobe competitor with text, image grading tools and effects, alongside lots more advanced tools. It’s rated 4 stars on the App Store. This deal is available for a week, until December 3rd.

Pixelmator Pro (Mac): $30

Be aware that there is a standard Pixelmator app for iPhone, and it’s free to download at any time. It’s far more basic, and quite dated, compared to the company’s other applications, but you can apply image effects, add layers, text and shapes.

Pixelmator (iOS): Free

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