Pixelmator gains keyboard and trackpad support and more in latest beta

Pixelmator is an image-editing app for iPhone and iPad with support for layers, filters and effects. Version 2.6 is now available to TestFlight beta users and brings full mouse and keyboard support, improvements to existing tools and bug fixes.

The app now works correctly in iOS 14 and in iPadOS 13 and later, works with Apple’s Magic Keyboard, Trackpad and Mouse along with third-party Bluetooth mice and keyboards. A huge 73 shortcuts are available for keyboard users (view them by holding the command key) making it more efficient to perform functions such as exporting, zooming, cropping, selecting colours and more.

Issues where thumbnails wouldn’t load on older versions of iOS and status bar wouldn’t hide have been fixed, along with improvements to resizing images, the colour picker and exporting images. Images can also be saved by tapping the file name in the toolbar.

Pixelmator 2.6 beta will likely come to the App Store in a matter of weeks. View the full release notes below:

Pixelmator 2.6 brings full support for iOS and iPadOS 14, adds support for using Pixelmator with a Magic Keyboard, trackpad, or mouse, includes 73 new keyboard shortcuts, and features a number of additional improvements and fixes.
• Pixelmator is now fully compatible with iOS and iPadOS 14.
• You can now use Pixelmator for iPadOS with a Magic Keyboard, trackpad, or mouse.
• Speed up your editing with 73 new keyboard shortcuts — press and hold the Command key while editing to see some of the most important ones. A full list will be available later in the Pixelmator for iOS help manual.
• Tapping the name of the image in the toolbar will now present the option to save it.
• The color picker will now remember the position in the image it was last picked from.
• Drag & drop should no longer be activated when tapping and holding layers after having started editing them.
• When exporting images, the PPI setting would be automatically set to 72, even when the original images had a different resolution. Fixed.
• Images in the clipboard in GIF format could not be used to create new files. Fixed.
• Document thumbnails would not be loaded correctly on older versions of iOS. Fixed.
• If rulers were visible, the status bar would not hidden when hiding the toolbar. Fixed.
• When resizing tall and thin or short and wide images, it would not be possible to enter certain sizes. Fixed.
• Attempting to pick a color from an empty layer would cause Pixelmator to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.
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