Outlook Insider Preview for Mac brings new features to testers

Microsoft has recently released new updates for Office for Mac users that are part of the Insider Preview testing program. The builds, part of version 16.2, bring new features and fix bug from previous versions.

Outlook gains two major new features. When searching and returning no results, it will look for alterations of a word typed in (such as ‘feature’ instead of ‘featre’). A message will be displayed to alert the user of this action.

It’s also possible to re-arrange items within Favorites and the sidebar – you can simply click to drag them where it can be ‘easier to reach’.

– Re-order Favorites and Accounts: Re-arrange items within Favorites and re-order the various accounts added in sidebar by simply dragging and dropping them so that they are quick to reach

– Search: When a user query returns no results, the search shall return results corresponding to an alteration of the original query. The information about the alteration is presented to the user

Bug Fixes

– Message List: a message will be selected after responding or forwarding a message
– Add-ins: re-installation of certain Admin managed Add-ins will now no longer fail in outlook
– Search: all the contents in the expanded search popup are now scrollable using the keyboard
– Search: Fixed accessibility bug to reach ‘Search edit field’,’ New outlook’, ‘Send bug report’, ‘What’s new’ buttons in reverse navigation using the keyboard
– Add-ins: Add-in name shall now appear as button label if there is only one add-in

Update to the latest version by clicking File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

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