Outlook for iOS getting voice commands, emoji reactions and more

Microsoft has announced a number of new features coming to the Outlook app for iOS and Android. They’ll be released over the course of the next few months, with no specific release date cited.

Outlook will soon support iOS 14’s widgets, with a calendar one that will display meetings from any account you have set up with the email app. With watchOS 7, Microsoft is improving complications, giving you a glance at your calendar and number of unread emails at once.

Voice commands will come to the mobile app, letting you email, call and schedule calendar appointments. As part of this focus on hands-free, the Play My Emails feature, which was launched previously in the US, will come to the UK, Canada, Australia and India soon. This allows Cortana to read out emails and calendars.

Finally, emoji reactions will come to Outlook so you can simply react with a single emoji rather than creating an additional response that might fill up your inbox.

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