Opinion: People are comparing the iPhone 11/Pro camera the wrong way

Today, reviewers have published their initial thoughts on the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, that were unveiled last week at the Apple event. Key upgrades, for the better, remain the same in each article – better battery life, really great cameras and nice colors.

However, when it comes to comparisons on the camera, most are seemingly comparing it the wrong way. Pictures produced by the iPhone 11/Pro are compared side-by-side to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Huawei Mate30 and the Pixel 3.

In less than a month, Google is releasing the fourth-generation Pixel series, and at the moment, people are comparing the brand-new camera to the year-old Pixel 3 (which, may I mention, is a seriously great camera, and by no way bad). I think that, yes, we will see comparisions with the new Pixel 4 soon, but, it’s a habit of most reviewers to compare new devices to older ones.

In fact, I’m highly positive that Google will bring upgrades to the Pixel camera that will be superior to iPhone’s and other brands in many ways, including Night Mode, which is good as it is. But, we’re not comparing yet – we’ll just need to wait and see!

And, it’s not just cameras. When the Galaxy Note 10 came out in August, we began to see speed test comparisons with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max – why? Those devices were literally one year old, with refreshes incoming (and now here). The technology in each new device is simply more groundbreaking, speedier and has a better impact on device performance, camera and battery than it did over even last year’s phones and tablets.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with reviewers comparing new devices to old?

Disclaimer: this is an opinion article, and contains no exact facts. You are of course welcome to have your own thoughts on this topic.

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