OneDrive gains new dark mode and increased file size limit

Microsoft has announced some major improvements to OneDrive for consumers and enterprises today, including a dark mode for the website, increased file size limits and better sharing integration.

The dark mode will be rolling out for all users on the web version of OneDrive ‘soon’, Microsoft says, and comes months after the mobile apps gained the feature.

For a while now, many users have been limited to a maximum file size of 15GB, making it difficult to store large CAD files or video libraries in the cloud service. Microsoft is now increasing this limit to 100GB for all users on OneDrive and SharePoint, which should be suffice for most people.

OneDrive Business users will be able to share a link to a file in Microsoft Teams and change where the file can be shared to. The web version will also gain support for simply copying links in your browser’s address bar and sharing a file – currently you have to manually generate a link. It’s not known when this change will be applied.

On the sharing front, Business users will gain the option to add a shared folder to their own OneDrive. It will simply be a link to the shared folder, but appears in the list, making it easier to find commonly opened folders that are shared with a group of people. Consumers will be able to easily share files, links and images with a large group of OneDrive users, something Microsoft is calling family and group sharing.

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