Office Insider apps for iOS updated with multiple windows, narration and more

Microsoft has released a new Insider build of the Office apps for iPhone and iPad. The update, available for TestFlight users, brings multi-window support, improved search features and a new voices in Read Aloud for Word.

Read Aloud lets you listen to a Word document and proof-read using narration. The latest build brings along two high quality voices which sound more natural and nicer and also detect languages automatically.

In Word and PowerPoint for iPad, you can now work with multiple windows. This lets you work in two-documents side-by-side and copy content from one or the other. Within an app, you need to drag a file from the ‘files’ list and it will open to the side of your open work. You can then activate the dock and tap and hold on the Word or PowerPoint icon and move the second window.

Elsewhere, in Outlook, you can schedule meetings across different time zones, and gain more information about contacts in your work or education organisation with ‘People search answers’. Other search improvements include Top Results, which bring you the most relevant messages at the top of a search, and Calendar search answers.

Office Insiders can download the new update using the TestFlight app.

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