Office for Mac gets visual improvements in latest update

Office apps on Mac
Office apps get a minor visual overhaul

Microsoft has given its Office apps for Mac a minor visual overhaul with an improved toolbar and new icons. The new UI is rolling out with the latest batch of updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office apps on macOS.

The toolbar sees minor user interface improvements, with a more vibrant colour scheme (bright blue in Word, green in Excel and orange in PowerPoint) that is flatter and easier to see than in previous versions.

Microsoft has replaced the toolbar icons with its new Fluent Icons, based on the Fluent Design system that Windows 10 and Outlook for Mac are based on. These are rounded and cleaner than before, although it doesn’t appear that other icons have seen updates.

Update to the latest version (16.42 at the time of writing) by opening the Microsoft AutoUpdate tool, which will look for new updates for Office apps and Microsoft Edge.

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