Oculus Quest 2 update brings 90Hz support, Move feature and more

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Oculus has released its first major update to the Quest 2 virtual reality headset, bringing improvements to games and more.

A new 90Hz refresh rate mode has been enabled after exiting beta testing and works system-wide, although games will need to be updated to support it – Beat Saber, Echo VR, Superhot, Vaction Simulator will be some of the first to work at 90Hz. Other games will be updated in due course.

If you connect the Quest 2 through an Oculus Link or USB 3.0 cable to a PC, you’ll gain the ability to change refresh rate to 72Hz, 80Hz and 90Hz. Visual quality has been improved overall when connecting through Link. The app has also received a new interface for changing graphical settings.

Oculus is introducing the ability to gift games from the Oculus Store through the browser or app. You’ll need a friend or family member’s email address to send it to them.

  • Oculus Move is coming later this week and will let you track fitness metrics after playing a game. As with other fitness tracking features, you can view calories burned, set calorie goals and see how many minutes you’ve been active for.
  • Game capture is comign through the iOS and Android apps later in November. It will make it easier to share gameplay and you won’t need to rely on Facebook or PC integration

The changes are mostly available in the v23 update, which concedes at the same time as Oculus Link exits beta. Learn more about the changes in Oculus’ blog here.

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