Notability updated with new toolbar icons, improved PDF support and more

The popular note-taking app Notability, on iPhone and iPad, has been updated with UI changes, bug fixes and other improvements.

Version 10.2.4 brings new icons in the toolbar and other areas of the app. They’re cleaner and easier to see compared to the old icons, which were thinner and based on the older design guidelines from iOS 12 and earlier.

Support for PDF links has also been improved. Notability supports exporting notes to PDFs and recently added link sharing.

* Introducing new toolbar icons
* Now properly scrolling to text boxes when the keyboard is visible
* Fixed a crash when exporting notes with math conversion
* Improved support for PDF links
* Smaller minimum image size

The latest version of Notability is available as a free update for existing users. Notability is £8.99 from the App Store and works on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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