Notability for iOS and Mac updated with grid view, custom stickers and more

Notability for iPhone, iPad and Mac has been updated with major new features, including custom stickers, ink grouping and more.

Version 10.4 adds Ink Grouping, letting you group handwriting and drawings together and apply transformations, erase parts of the group and move elements you’ve grouped.

Stickers have been supported in Notability since the introduction of the in-app Store, but it’s now possible to create your own stickers for later use. You’ll find these in the My Stickers section, where you can insert and remove them.

Library Grid View brings a new interface for viewing notes, organising them with thumbnails. The current layout orders your notes into a list, displaying titles and modified dates, but only a small thumbnail.

The update is available for free for existing users. Notability costs $3.99 as a universal purchase on iOS and macOS.

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