Ring debuts $100 entry-level Video Doorbell and adds solar charger

A few weeks ago, Ring announced a new alarm system alongside Video Doorbell 3 with improvements all-round. Today, Ring is relaunching the original Video Doorbell, with features found in higher-end models, for $99.99. It’s also launching a solar charger for $49 that can hold and charge the doorbell.

It now has 1080p video recording, better night vision and motion and privacy zones. These ‘zones’ let you control what your doorbell can see and capture, and how far away it can detect motion from and alert you. Previously, these features were only available on the more expensive Video Doorbell 2 (succeeded by the Doorbell 3).

The second-generation Video Doorbell can run off battery power or through a wired connection. It can be pre-ordered now, for release on June 3rd. The solar charger will be available in July.

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