New AirPods features: Battery Alerts, Headphone Accommodations, Switching & more

Apple has introduced major new features with iOS and iPadOS 14 for the AirPods and AirPods Pro.

New battery notifications appear when your AirPods battery life is getting low and you may need to charge. These appear like the Apple Pencil notification does on iPad.

You can now adjust your AirPods audio to suit them towards your hearing needs. The Headphone Accommodations feature amplifies softer sounds and allows you to tune the audio to your individual needs, useful for calls and music.

Automatic Switching lets you move between devices without having to manually connect your AirPods. For example, you can move from an iPhone listening to music to a Mac and watch a film, without the AirPods becoming disconnected.

Finally, you can connect multiple sets of AirPods to an Apple TV and watch a film (for example) without disturbing other people in your household.

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