Neptune: A smooth and beautiful Twitter app built just for you

Neptune for Twitter, developed by Ethan Lipnik, is a smooth and beautiful Twitter app built just for you. You can:

  • Bookmark any Tweet you want
  • Add multiple accounts
  • Send Tweets
  • Tweet out images
  • Explore Trends easily
  • Automatically sort Tweets chronologically
  • Filter Tweets and Trends based on certain words you choose
  • Use Quick Share to instantly share Tweets or profiles with anyone nearby also using Neptune

A quick overview

No more ads or non-chronological home feed. See what YOU expect to see. It’s time to take control of your timeline with filters and no longer get bombarded with random trends or tweets you’re tired of seeing. Experience haptics, a bottom drawer that takes full advantage of a big iPad display or a pocketable iPhone display. Easily navigate to notifications, posting, trends, and your profile with natural-feeling gestures and animations. Just a hold of your profile and you can switch to any other Twitter profile you may have.

Let’s check out the app

The home screen automatically sorts your Tweets chronologically, and keeps everything nice and neat while you’re gone to make sure it’s a pleasure to launch once again. The timeline stays in its position so you can continue right where you left off.

On the top of your screen, you’ll see 2 buttons: Settings and Receive. In Settings, you can do things like changing the appearance of the app, choosing where to open links by default, or even requiring Touch ID or Face ID to open the app.

Moving over to Receive, Neptune has a cool feature called Quick Share which allows you to instantly share tweets or profiles with anyone nearby also using Neptune. Of course, you also have access to the Share Sheet to share a Tweet anywhere else that you normally would.

Neptune: Out of this world

Next: The menu

The navigation menu has 4 tabs: Alerts, Write, Trends, and Profile, which all do as you’d probably expect. From the home screen, you can swipe up on the menu at any time to open up the Notifications view, which allows you to see them beautifully at a glance.

Heading on over to the Write tab, you have your usual text field with the normal 280 character limit, as well as an option to upload images and an option to easily find people to mention in your Tweets.

Next up is of course the Trends tab. Not only does it have the Trends feature– it also houses the Bookmarks view and search functionality.

Neptune: Out of this world

Let’s check out Profiles

From the menu, you can easily view and edit your own profile. You can reply to one of your previous Tweets, creating a thread, as well as having the option to delete any Tweets that you wish.

Want to check out another profile? You can tap on any user’s picture in-app to view it, as well as having the option to tap on any user mention to view that profile. You’ll be able to see their full profile, and have the option to follow and unfollow users.

Neptune: Out of this world

The iPad app

What’s an app in 2020 without iPad support? Neptune’s developer understood and they delivered. Featuring a main content view on the right, there’s also a menu on the sidebar which features the same options as its iOS counterpart: Alerts, Write, Trends, and Profile.

The iPad app seems great for multitasking– having the ability to view Tweets on the right and the ability to view Trends or even write a Tweet on the left.

Neptune: Out of this world

Here’s how to get it

Neptune is available on the App Store for $1.99, with no ads so you can focus on your experience. But, we have something just for you. Courtesy of Neptune, we’re giving away 2 free codes on our Instagram @AppleTLD. Follow us there and check our story soon. All you’ll have to do is enter your Twitter username and you’re entered!

If you win, you can redeem the codes the way you’d normally redeem App Store & iTunes gift cards, or you can click here to redeem a code. Good luck on the giveaway– and we hope you enjoy Neptune!

Disclaimer: While we were not sponsored, paid, or asked to do this article by Neptune or its developer, myself and some other writers have had free beta access. Neptune also provided us with 2 free codes to give away.

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