Nanoleaf Announces New Elements Product With Wood Like Texture

Nanoleaf have announced a new lighting product with a wood-like texture called Nanoleaf Elements. The new product is designed specificallly to offer more natural lighting in the home, and are a step away from the company’s other products with have a focus on colourful and mood lighting.

The Elements, available in the Hexagons form, have a wooden texture to create an “elegant and organic feel” in your home. They’ll support shades of yellow, orange and white with a range of colour temperatures, from 1500K to 4000K, and glow from the back to enhance the lighting effect.

Nanoleaf Elements also support scheduling, Touch capabilities, allowing you to interact with the panels to perform actions, music syncing with a built-in Rythm and can be controlled in the app for iOS, Android and the redesigned app for Windows and Mac, coming soon.

Nanoleaf Elements Starter Kit is priced at $299.99, with expansion packs of three panels available for $99.99. They are available to purchase directly from Nanoleaf, and will come to the Apple Store and other retailers later this year.

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