More Apple Stores to close again in Florida, Texas and Utah

Apple Store, pictured before lockdown

Apple is closing more of its stores again after spikes of the coronavirus in different parts of America. It comes after many were reopened a few weeks ago after the peak of the pandemic passed.

At least 16 stores across Florida, Texas, Utah and Mississipi will shut down again from July 1st. Customers with orders or booked repairs at the Genius Bars will be welcome inside stores until July 2nd.

Apple has also closed one store in the United Kingdom, in Leicester, due to extended lockdown restrictions. Apple Highpoint, near Melbourne, Australia is also set to shut on July 2nd.

All re-opened stores require strict safety measures, including distancing, temperature checks and a limit to the number of customers in any store at one time. Apple is always looking at local health data to determine the status of store reopenings.

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