Microsoft working on running Android apps on Windows 10 but will likely end up killing it off

You can stream some Android apps to your PC if you have a Samsung phone

Microsoft is working on bringing Android apps to the Microsoft Store so they can be used on Windows 10. According to Windows Central, the company’s ‘Project Latte’ will allow developers to bring their apps to the desktop through only little changes to code.

Project Latte will use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) but will require an Android subsystem for apps to actually run on Windows 10. And, as Google doesn’t allow Play Services to be installed on non-Android or Chrome devices, apps that require the API will need to be updated to run on Windows.

The idea looks to let users install a mix of Android and Windows-based apps from the Microsoft Store – the Windows equivalent to the Mac App Store that has failed to take off with developers. However, with most Android apps being optimised for mobile screens, it’s not clear how benefical running Android apps on Windows will be.

It’s obvious that Microsoft is eyeing what Apple is letting developers do – run iPhone and iPad apps on an Apple Silicon Mac. We’re sure this is something the company is actively exploring and will end up releasing, but, like Windows Phone and the Microsoft Store, it will probably end up as a failed attempt.

Microsoft hasn’t tried hard enough to improve Windows 10’s Store – with constant UI updates, no clear guidelines and a lack of major apps, developers won’t be interested. Microsoft should focus on getting the basics right – apps and the place users visit to download them.

–Apple TLD’s Take

Latte could ship next year, potentially alongside a major UI upgrade for Windows 10, which was leaked by Windows Central last month. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft plans to release the feature.

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