Microsoft updates Outlook and OneDrive with iOS 14 features

Microsoft is adding support for new features introduced with iOS 14 in its Outlook and OneDrive apps. The changes are due to be released alongside iOS 14 later today and come after Microsoft Edge gained the option to set it as your default browser.

Apple has added default third-party email and browser options with iOS and iPadOS 14 and Microsoft is supporting this functionality with its email app, Outlook.

Outlook and OneDrive will also have new home screen widgets for viewing your calendar at a glance and seeing photo memories from OneDrive’s ‘On This Day’ feature. There will be multiple sizes allowing you ‘ to see what’s next in your day with your work, school and personal account’ and view ‘most recent photos that you’ve saved to the cloud’.

iPadOS 14’s Scribble feature

iPadOS 14 introduces new handwriting features, including Scribble. Outlook will support composing an email, searching for keywords and even illustrations with colour. Additionally, when handwriting is converted to text, it will be possible to apply rich formatting to it, like you can currently do with typed text.

Years after it was first added to iPad, Microsoft is supporting drag and drop between Outlook and OneDrive, letting you drag a photo or file from the former to the latter and send it off with a tap. This now works with multitasking where you can view two apps at the same time.

watchOS 7, which is also coming today, will allow apps to display multiple complications on the watch face. Microsoft is rolling out this functionality with the Outlook app, where you can view the number of unread emails in your inbox and indication of your calendar status.

Other features coming include a new ‘home experience’ where shared libraries and recently accessed files can be accessed in one simple view and offline file editing after you download a Word, PowerPoint or Excel document to your iPhone or iPad.

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