Microsoft unveils redesigned To-Do app for Mac and iOS

Microsoft has announced a major redesign for its To Do application, with new customization options and features. The application is now called Microsoft To Do rather than the hyphenated ‘To-Do”.

Years after the company acquired Wunderlist, Microsoft is rolling out a similar design for To Do. Firstly, it features reduced headers and a larger focus on colors, with the ability to choose from a wide range of backgrounds, as can be done already in Wunderlist.

In addition to this, a feature named ‘smart lists’ allows you to see important or scheduled, tasks in one single list without the need to open multiple to-do lists. You can also sync your notes and reminders on each platform, so be that macOS, iOS or a Windows PC, they will available everywhere.

Finally, as announced last week, Microsoft is bringing Dark Mode support to To Do. This is said to be launching ‘soon’ on the iOS application, likely with the launch of iOS 13, and is available on other platforms now.

The new version of To Do is rolling out today and an update will be available from the App Store. You can download To Do from this link.

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