Microsoft to delay Surface Neo and Windows 10X device launches

When the Surface Neo and Duo were unveiled last year, Microsoft said they would be ready for Holiday 2020. They would take until that release to develop Windows 10X for foldable devices. Now, Mary Jo Foley is suggesting that these devices could see delays into next year.

The Surface Neo is a device running a version of Windows 10 optimised for dual-screen devices. It’s got two screens that fold into one (like a book, one could say), with a magnetic keyboard, and touch displays.

Foley claims that Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, told some employees that Microsoft’s Surface Neo would not be released this year. Additionally, third-party dual-screen and foldable devices running 10X would not ship until next year. This is all likely down to supply chain and logistic issues due to COVID-19, but the company has not yet confirmed this.

Microsoft’s new priority is to get Windows 10X on single-screen devices first — which could be good news for those who were hoping that Microsoft’s 10X push might help the company in its Chromebook-compete effort. – MJF

It appears that Microsoft wants to work on developing Windows 10X for single-screen devices, such as two-in-ones and similar form factors. This makes sense, as the Android-based Surface Duo is still slated for a November/December 2020 release.

Many major tech firms have seen delays to products due to the coronavirus. It’s thought that Apple has delayed or pushed back planned releases, such as the iPhone SE 2020, until the economy and supply chains are more stable.

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