Microsoft Teams rolling out Fluent Design update to all users

Microsoft is rolling out an updated user interface to Teams on Mac, Windows and the web today. It incorporates the new Fluent Design system which brings signifcant changes to the UI.

Users will instantly notice the less-colourful look, with the purple sidebar ditched in favour of the light or dark theme. Icons have been updated to use Fluent Design icons which are rounded and much more elegant than the old icon set, based on Microsoft’s Segoe UI font.

While the update isn’t major, the changes bring polish to Microsoft Teams and follow a recent batch of updates to Microsoft products, including the Edge browser and Office apps, both of which are also available on macOS.

Teams can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website where you’ll need to sign up for a free account. If you use Teams for work or education, it will be included with your Microsoft 365 account.

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