Microsoft ending support for Cortana mobile apps in January

Microsoft will be killing off its mobile apps and services for Cortana on Android and iOS in selected countries, next year. The company posted a new support document detailing the changes, that will affect users in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia – maybe even more countries.

After January 31st, the Cortana app will stop functioning and be removed from the App Store and Google Play. Microsoft claims that they’re “integrating Cortana into your Microsoft 365 productivity apps” to “make your personal digital assistant as helpful as possible”. It’s currently not clear as to why only some markets are affected by this.

Additionally, Cortana will disappear from the Microsoft Launcher on Android on the same date. A new update will be pushed out that will “remove” the assistant from the Launcher.

Cortana came to iOS and Android in the form of mobile apps in 2015. It’s still available on Windows 10 (but being phased out) and has come to other apps such as Outlook for iOS and iPadOS, where it can read out your emails and more.

You can still download and use Cortana on mobile until the end of January.

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