Microsoft Edge Chromium to launch on January 15th for macOS and Windows

Microsoft has revealed that they are planning on releasing the new Edge browser, which is based on Chromium, early next year, alongside a new look and logo. January 15th is the targeted release date for consumers and business users. The browser will be available on Windows 7, Windows 8 and macOS. It will be built into Windows 10.

The public release will come nearly a year after Microsoft began testing the new Edge browser with developers and selected members of the public who wished to try it out, in either a beta, developer or ‘canary’ form.

Screenshot of the new Microsoft Edge browser, built in Chromium

The new Microsoft Edge will ship with a new design, similar that used in Google Chrome, along with passwords, history, settings and favourites sync across devices. There’s also built in tracking protection and a mode for businesses to access their old dashboards.

Microsoft also revealed a new look logo for the reformed browser, separating it from the days of Internet Explorer. After twenty years of nearly the same logo that represents the letter ‘e’, the company has gone for a completely different approach of representing the ability to surf the web – hence the gradient wave in the new logo.

You can download the ‘release candidate’ version of the browser for macOS and Windows by going to this link. Make sure you select ‘Beta’ to use a stable version without many bugs.

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