Microsoft details features coming to Edge browser, including vertical tabs

At its consumer-focused event earlier this week, Microsoft revealed some major new features coming to it’s Edge browser, built on Chromium, in the future. These were revealed alongisde major overhauls to Office 365 plans and the Microsoft Editor.

The browser will be getting vertical tabs. Typically, all browsers display tabs horizontally (at the top), but an optional feature will allow you to display them in a scrollable list-view down the left side. Microsoft claims this will “make the web experience more productive” but we’ll have to wait and see. It certainly does look fascinating, but takes up more area on the screen.

Password Monitor will warn and notify users when their account details have been compromised and advise them to change them. It will likely work across all platforms – mobile and desktop.

Smart Copy lets you copy content from a website and keep the same formatting when pasting it into an email, or another program. Collections, which is in the preview version of Microsoft Edge, will be rolling out soon, to the stable version and mobile apps too.

You can download Microsoft Edge for free on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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