Microsoft adds new keyboard shortcuts to Excel for iPadOS

Due to native mouse and keyboard support, the iPad is becoming the go-to laptop replacement for many people. Microsoft has seen this and is adding new keyboard shortcuts to Excel for iPadOS.

The shortcuts will make the mobile application more inline with Excel for Mac. They’ll come with the July release and 13 will be available at the start, with more expected to come in future releases.

A full list of shortcuts is available below.

Move to the next sheet in the workbookOption + Right Arrow
Move to the previous sheet in the workbookOption + Left Arrow
Apply outline borderAtri_Roy_0-1594928287417.png + Option + 0
Remove outline bordersAtri_Roy_1-1594928287423.png + Option + Hyphen
Hide Column(s)Atri_Roy_2-1594928287425.png + 0
Unhide Column(s)Shift + Control+ Left parenthesis ())
Shift + Atri_Roy_3-1594928287426.png + Left parenthesis ())
Hide Row(s)Control + 9
Unhide Row(s)Shift + Control+ Right parenthesis ())
Toggle the formula reference style between absolute, relative, and mixedAtri_Roy_4-1594928287429.png + TOr
Atri_Roy_5-1594928287430.png + 4
Insert the AutoSum formulaShift +Atri_Roy_6-1594928287431.png + T
Calculate open workbookAtri_Roy_7-1594928287434.png + =
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