Leaker: iPad 8 to have 64GB base storage and A12 Bionic

The next budget iPad could get a larger screen, major performance improvements and other changes, a leaker, who goes by the name of @a_rumors0000 on Twitter, has said.

The claims of the larger display, up from 10.2 inches to 10.8″ originate from Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this year. This leaker is now supporting this information, although it’s unclear as to how Apple intends to incorporate a larger display in the same design. It’s also been rumoured that this could be the new iPad Air 4.

Performance could receive an improvement, with the addition of an A12 Bionic, first introduced in the iPhone Xs and XR. The current 10.2-inch iPad, released last year, has an A10 Fusion that’s nearly four years old, so the move to the later chip will give the iPad a much needed performance boost.

The base storage of the iPad 8 is set to be increased to 64GB. Previous to this, the budget iPads started with 32GB of storage, with upgrades to higher storage tiers available. Apple has increased the base storage in the 2020 iPad Pro from 64GB to 128GB, and looks to be doing the same with the iPhone 12 series.

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