Leak reveals triple-camera system coming to future iPad Pro

Since the begining of this year, there’s been speculation that, along with the new iPhones, refreshed iPad Pro models would also gain additional cameras. Today, a leak of a physical prototype has revealed what seems to be a triple camera setup on the rear of an iPad Pro.

From reliable leaker Sonny Dickson, the image shows an unfinished camera module design, that looks far from the one on the iPhone 11 Pro. Although it would likely look different from this in the final product, we need to be skeptical of this “leak” as it could be fake.

We’ve obtained a final design mockup of Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro hardware from a source that has repeatedly been reliable about previous iPad hardware, showing Apple’s new camera hardware as featured on the iPhone 11 Pro gracing their upcoming refreshed lineup of iPads.

However, reports from Bloomberg and other sources claim that Apple will release a refreshed iPad Pro this year, with upgrades on the cameras. It’s likely that the company will hold an event in October for the reveal of an updated MacBook Pro, the Apple Tags and possibily the new iPad Pros.

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