Latest macOS Office Insider build brings changes to Outlook

Microsoft has released a new build to Office Insiders on macOS. The latest update, 20052001, brings new features to the Outlook app, alongside performance and bug fixes.

You’ll now be able to view, edit and find contacts from the same location within Outlook. It will simplify how you can manage a contact. Outlook can now also suggest times for a meeting that works for other people involved, and you can now mark an event as Private through a new toolbar button.

You can install the new build by going to File>Account>Update Options> Update Now in any Office program (you need to be an Office Insider).

People view and Contacts support

View, add, edit, find, and delete contacts all from the same place. Explore contacts that are important to you and those you may want to follow up with.


Suggested Times

Need a bit of help to find a time that works for your meeting? Outlook will now suggest times where you and your colleagues are free!

Suggested Times

Event Compose – Mark as Private

The event compose toolbar now has a [Mark as Private] command.

Search – Add More Options

You can now choose to “Add More Options” in the Search expanded form. Using this, you can narrow your search by using additional fields such as Cc, Bcc, Priority, Read Status, Category and Flag status

Add More Search Options

Bug fixes

Event Compose – An open Add-in will now close when the organizer is changed during event compose

Local Categories – Categories can now be correctly applied for IMAP/POP or My Computer Folders

Snooze – Fixed a bug where the Snooze drop-down menu was showing garbled text in when the email is opened in a new window

MailTips – Optional invitees now show up in MailTips correctly

Message List – Fix for a rare beachball when the message list is re-sorted

Message List – Added a Ctrl-0 keyboard shortcut for Flag for Follow up on a selected message in the message list

Known issues

No known issues

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