LastPass will restrict free tier to one type of device next month

LastPass is making changes to its free plan that will have an effect on how people can use the password manager without paying.

One of the most popular features is multi-platform compatibility. LastPass works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and didn’t restrict users on the number of devices they could use. Being able to sign into multiple devices at once is important for a large number of users.

The firm announced today that starting on March 16th this would change and those on the free service will be requried to choose between a computer or smartphone (this includes the iPhone, Android devices and smartwatches). You’ll only have three chances to pick an “active device” before it won’t be possible to change without moving to a paid-for plan. LastPass is informing customers through a message after logging in.

For example, you could choose “computer” and sign in to any laptop or desktop PC, but to use the LastPass app on a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch the Premium plan will be required.

Finally, LastPass is making changes to how its support can be accessed. Email support will be restricted to Premium customers, while the Support Centre with tutorial articles is still available to anybody.

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