[UPDATED] Jon Prosser shares renders of unreleased AirTags

Well-known Apple leaker Jon Prosser has shared what appears to be photos of Apple’s rumored AirTags, ahead of Apple’s event on Tuesday. In the Tweet, he states “See you tomorrow,” but it’s unclear if it’s actually coming tomorrow on Monday, or Tuesday at the Apple event. The Tweet is below for reference.

Jon Prosser has now shared 3D renders of unreleased AirTags, showcasing a white front with aluminium back containing the Apple logo and writing around the side. An individual AirTag is about ‘the size of a bottle cap’ and works with Ultra-Wideband technology, allowing for precise location tracking.

It [UWB] is extremely accurate for location tracking, it can be accurate with in centimeters, but can also be used for something like data transfer and will likely be used for AirDrop… Apple plans on putting UWB technology with their U1 chip in most, if not all, of their products in the future. The plan is to have UWB be part of their entire ecosystem

Jon Prosser, Front Page Tech

It’s not clear when Apple plans to announce AirTags, but Prosser claims it could be at the September 15th event alongside new iPads and Apple Watches. Production of the tags has reportedly completed and hardware is ready to be shipped.

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Original article by Jaeden. Updated 14/09 by Ben Ward.

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