Jon Prosser gives us a first look at new iMac and “Mac Pro mini”

In a YouTube video released earlier today, Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech gave us a first look at what to expect from a new Apple Silicon iMac, as well as a smaller Mac Pro in a G4-cube design style. Jon currently has a 78.2% accuracy rating according to AppleTrack.

The new iMac could come in multiple colors, in a throwback to the original iMac, and have an “iPad Pro” style design on the front.

Along with the iMac, Jon also shared a concept of the new “Mac Pro mini.” The sources described it as 3-4 Mac minis stacked on top of each other, with a compute unit on the bottom and a big heat sink on the top.

“Mac Pro mini” concept

All of the concepts were created by Concept Creator. You can watch the full Front Page Tech episode below. As always, these are concepts and likely to change before the product is released.

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