iPhone 13: Always on display, Portrait Video, MagSafe changes & more leaks

Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch four new iPhone models under the ‘iPhone 12S’ branding in late 2021. A new report published by EverythingApplePro, in collaboration with Max Weinbach, has revealed further details about the new devices, including improvements to MagSafe, an updated matte texture on the rear and more.

The iPhone 12S/13 Pro and Pro Max models could get a grippier texturised back that will be more comfotable to hold. Current models use a matte glass finish compared to the standard iPhone 12 and 12 mini with a glossier back.

120Hz LTPO displays were rumoured to arrive with the iPhone 12 Pro but seemingly delayed until this year’s lineup. Weinbach suggests the 120Hz LTPO panel will be included in the 12S/13 Pro and will also support an Always-on display, allowing the device to display time, date and other details, similar to the approach Apple has taken with the Apple Watch Series 6. Customisation will be limited, while part of the screen will emit light when displaying a notification.

MagSafe, first introduced with the iPhone 12, allows you to charge wirelessly through magnets and attach wallets, cases and other accessories to the back of the iPhone. It will be “considerably stronger”, while not having an impact on the thickness of the iPhone 12S phones.

Major camera improvements are expected for all four iPhone 12S/13 models. Kuo previously reported that the ultra-wide lens will see a higher aperature and significantly better low-light performance and Max Weinbach appears to corroborate those reports.

Other changes to the iPhone 12S/13 lineup that EverythingApplePro claims will ship include:

  • Astrophotography: Apple will implement an automatic astrophotography mode for capturing night-sky images in more detail, similar to what Google offers on the Pixel 4a and 5. This could be achieved by the rumoured changes to the ultra-wide lens.
  • Portrait Video: using the A15 Bionic chip, a single portrait mode will be available for video recording, while depth of field can be adjusted “in post”.
  • Vapour Cooling Chamber: this new method of cooling will be more efficient in managing heat, using a copper chamber with water vapour inside that can evaporature.

It’s worthy to note that Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro have previously been incorrect when suggesting changes coming to iOS 14, the iPhone 12 and other Apple products released in the last year. As with all rumors, it’s best to take these with a grain of salt and wait to nearer the time of release when more details will be finalised.

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